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Sound Designer, Composer,
Musician & Music Producer

Sound Design & Composing

For games, theater, commercials, etc.

I do sound design and music for games, theatre, radio and TV. I've also got 7 year experience of teaching game sound design and music at Tampere University of Applied Sciences..

Band & Vocal Producion

For bands, artists, record labels, etc.

I record, mix and produce bands. My musical taste and experience varies from jazz and classical music to pop, electronic and heavy metal. I specialize in vocal producing.

About me

I'm Jukka Ruostila. I've recorded, mixed and produced various bands and done music and sound design for games from the beginning of the 2000's. I've also done music and sound design for theatre, radio and TV. Besides that, I've taught game sound design and game music at University of Applied sciences of Tampere (TAMK) in 2008 - 2015.

My extensive musical history covers classical, pop, rock, metal, jazz and electronic music. Naturally, this can be heard as a richness in my work.

I play various instruments, but my main instrument is vocals. This is why I specialize in vocal production. Some people may also know me from my rock band Kaaoksen Ystävät.

I work at my own Studio Kaaos, where I'm able to professionally record vocals, electric guitars, acoustic instruments, etc. Besides that, I also work at Astral Studio, which is a fully equipped professional recording studio at Tampere, Finland.

I like dark roasted coffee, computer games, Monty Python and bad jokes. I love all kinds of projects related to music and sound, so don't hesitate to contact me!